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at Akeel Corporation we optimize the latest customized solution and technology to advance our operations capabilities which keeps us always one step ahead of the competition. 

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Customer Relationship Management 

Akeel CRM manages the company’s interactions with current and future customers. using technology to organize, automate, synchronize sales, marketing, customer service and technical support.

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Performance Management 

We increase productivity, competitiveness, and profitability through the effective monitoring of job performance. Through periodic evaluations of managers and employees to plan, evaluate and track performance and personal goals.
Forecast and Demand Management 

Matching supply and demand is at the heart of Akeel’s successful operational planning. Akeel strives to meet future demand accurately 
Inventory Management 

- Proper stock assortment 
- Ordering, shipping, and handling procedures
- Identifying inventory requirements
- Tracking and management of material.
Education and Training 

Competency performance appraisal enable us to assess the level of an employee performance compared to the job requirements, perform a gap analysis, and develop training plans and career paths. 
Supplier Relationship Management

Akeel SRM is to develop two-way, mutually beneficial relationships with strategic supply partners to deliver greater levels of innovation and competitive advantage.
Information Technology & Communication

At Akeel we works collaboratively to provide information management and technology solutions that support the corporate mission. 

Warehousing and Logistics

- Storage requirements.
- Ease of tractability
- Transportation and safety 
- Manufacturer requirements